Spice Up Their Rice with Royco

When it comes to preparing delicious dinner recipes, it is important to ensure variety. While fresh bread, samp and rice are a staple starch and are often served as preferred side dishes, it is important to add spice and flavour to even the simplest of dishes.

While a healthy alternative to bread, rice can quickly become mundane, especially if you are serving it a few times in a week. Thankfully, with the help of a few carefully picked spices and tasty ingredients, you will be able turn your simple rice dish into a hearty, flavoursome and satisfying meal. If you’re wondering about how to go about finding the perfect way in which to spice up your rice, take a look at the tasty quick and easy recipes below:

1. Mushroom Fried Rice with Sweet Raita 

While rice is the perfect side dish for a variety of beef recipes, it can also hold its own when combined with a handful of simple yet tasty ingredients. Not only does rice absorb the colours and flavours of the ingredients that you choose to add to it, but a small portion also goes a long way when feeding a large group of family and friends. 

If you’re looking for tasty ways in which to spice up your rice, be sure to take a look at this delicious recipe for Mushroom Fried Rice with Sweet Raita in which cumin and red chillies are combined to create a warm and rich meal that is suitable for guests and family members of all ages!

2. Pilau

When it comes to adding personality to your rice dishes, flavoured rice is always a favourite! Why not prepare your rice in a broth and allow the grains to absorb all of the flavour and aroma of the ingredients? Ideally served a meal on its own, this recipe for traditional Pilau combines a tasty and aromatic fusion of ginger and garlic, resulting in a succulent meal of rice, onions, meat and tomatoes. 

The best thing about this recipe is that you can use any type of meat that you desire – from beef to lamb - or, if you choose to omit the meat, you can substitute it with vegetables of your choice to make a tasty and decadent vegetarian meal.

3. Vegetables and Chickpea Breyani

Perfect for vegetarians, this recipe for Vegetables and Chickpea Breyani is a tasty and refreshing meal that includes the delectable combination of cumin, ginger, chilli and turmeric. When preparing this rice dish, the rice is prepared in a way that allows the grains to absorb the rich, aromatic flavour of the spices, resulting in a succulent and satisfying meal. If you wish to modify the dish and turn it into a chicken recipe, simply prepare your chicken separately and toss it into the rice before you serve!

Alternatively, you could always serve your plain rice in colourful and festive dishes which add bright colour to the table. Top the rice with a few sprigs of parsley, and you will give your rice an exciting twist, without having to change the way in which it is prepared. For more helpful cooking tips, be sure to click here.