Four Food Resolutions For 2016

With the end of the year fast approaching, there are only a few months in which to put healthy food habits into practice. While it may seem tough, it is never too late to adopt a more healthy way of preparing food. 

With a variety of healthy and simple dinner recipes for you to choose from, setting your healthy food resolutions into action has never been more simple!

2016 has truly been a year of reformation when it comes to healthy eating habits and trends. With a focus on improved health through clean eating habits and daily exercise, there is no better time to amend your diet for the better! If you’re wondering about how to go about changing your food resolutions, take a look at Royco’s four food resolutions for 2016:

1. Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

Did you know that fruit and vegetables are jam-packed with valuable nutrients that assist our bodies in functioning on an optimal level? The food resolution that should sit at the top of your list is to add more fruit and colourful vegetables to your daily diet. Spinach, broccoli, carrots and beetroot add delicious flavour and bright colour to a variety of recipes, and they are rich sources of vitamins and minerals. The best way in which to include these items into your diet is through healthy dinner recipes.

2. Eat Six Small Meals a Day

Did you know that, in order to lose weight, it is suggested that you eat six small, healthy meals per day? Not only does this provide your body with an optimal amount of nutrients, but it also ensures that your blood sugar doesn’t drop and that your body is not forced into a state of starvation. If you are looking for ideas of small but nutritious meals, take a look at the recipe for Vegetarian Open Faced Sandwich – not only are these sandwiches jam-packed with nutrients but they are also guaranteed to keep you satisfied for longer.

3. Add Variety to Protein Options

One of the best ways in which to improve your diet is to increase your intake of lean protein as it is one of the building blocks of cell repair. If you find that you are predominantly using beef in your recipes, it is suggested that you substitute it with chicken and fish on a regular basis. While chicken recipes are simple to prepare, fish recipes can sometime be more complex. 

However, that should not stop you from adding fish to your diet. Take a look at this recipe for Marinated Fish Fillet with Coconut Crust – not only is it tasty, but it is also packed with omegas which are essential to the optimal functioning of your body.

4. Enjoy More Nutrient-Rich Meals

While it may seem like you are saving time when indulging in fast food, the healthier option is always a home cooked meal. In an effort to improve on your eating habits, be sure to enjoy more nutrient-rich, home cooked meals that include vegetables, complex carbohydrates and protein.
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