Mother and Son sitting next to a tree


Outdoor Fun For The Little One(s)

Make the most of these sunny days with your kids by leaving the house for the day and returning home at night. Outdoor activities are a fun way to bond with your kids and the open air means that they’re not in your hair but rather playing on the grass.

Here is a list of outdoor activities that we recommend for your kids:

1) Relic Hunter

This isn’t really an outdoor activity but museums do count since it involves getting out of the house. There are so many interesting things to be learnt at museums - whether it’s astronomy, mammals or precious gems. You could take your kids to the national park for a picnic or giraffe centre to spend time with these long-necked beauties. Their inquisitive minds will be engaged and you are sure to also learn a thing or two.

2) On a Mountain Top

A hike along a beautiful nature trail is a wonderful way to get the family active and appreciate all that nature has to offer. Look out for guided tours for your safety and will also help to you get the most out of your walk. Pack a lovely lunch of Barbeque Beef Sandwiches to satisfy your hungry travellers.

3) River-Side Chill

Escape the heat by wandering to a cool river, lake or waterfall. The beach can get crowded which can be very stressful, which makes a quiet river the ideal escape. A tough walk will be rewarded with cool waters. Sit beside the river bed with a lovely dish of Beef Stir Fry. It’s an easy recipe that gets an added flavour kick with Royco Beef Cubes.

4) Invite Friends For Dinner

When your kids’ friends come over, panic often ensues. Our tip is to keep them outside to minimize the damage of heirlooms and clean floors. Once the fun and games are over, let them dig into delicious and hearty Moroccan Beef Skewers. Place these meat sticks outside and be the officer of fair play to ensure that everyone gets one (or two)!

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