Couple having dinner and wine


Make a Good Food Impression in the Month of Love

A few recipes that will make your partner fall in love with you again

Valentine’s Day calls for a demonstration of love and preparing a meal for someone is one of the grandest gestures. In the spirit of this romantic month, we made the loving provision of giving you a few recipes that will impress your Amor. 

Beef Brisket

Romantic meals don’t have to mean canapés and entrées. Hearty comfort foods is a great way of saying, I respect your hunger and I want you to be happy. The 2 hour cooking time is an advantage as the dish doesn’t need constant monitoring. You can sit back, have a glass of wine and just enjoy the process. You could serve these tender beef morsels in flour tortillas topped with avo and chillies for a Mexican flair.

Feta Stuffed Tomatoes

Any recipe that involves stuffing vegetables such as pumpkin, potato skins, tomatoes always creates a wonderful surprise. It’s as if you are presented with a parcel that needs to be handled delicately. Make the discovery interesting by adding whatever you like. Have fun with this recipe and include ingredients that you think your partner will enjoy.