Couple on an outdoor date


Unconventional Romantic dates

Creative date ideas that promises wonderful memories.

Buying or receiving roses, dining at a fine restaurant and watching movies are good ways in which to show someone that you care. However, the question remains - how do we turn “good” to GREAT?

It doesn’t require a lot of money but it does ask for an open mind and a mischievous spirit. We’ve rolled out some creative date ideas that will guarantee amazing memories.

1) Go Climb A Tree

Yes, we mean it. Build a fort, fly a kite or go camping. Embrace your inner child and just act foolishly. These moments will be remembered forever and it’s a fun way to learn more about each other without the pressure of having to maintain a certain appearance.

2) Picnics at Sunrise

We love breakfast shared with someone that you care about but have you ever tried scrambled eggs at the crack of dawn? It’s sometimes difficult to catch the sunrise but you won’t be sorry once you see the breath-taking view that greets you.

3) See the World on Two Wheels

Take a trip through Mt. Longonot by bicycle. Pack a lunch that can be enjoyed once you find the perfect picnic spot. We love this recipe for Four Cheese Enchilada. Add some Royco Beef Cubes to the beef mince and revel in these tortilla wrapped bites of cheesiness.

4) The Cook-Off

It’s time to see who the best cook is! With spatula at the ready, watch how ingredients begin to fly. Try our Italian Pot Roast recipe to get the upper hand on the competition. You can’t go wrong with saucy mushrooms complements off Royco Beef Cubes. Game. Set. Match.

5) The Game of Love

You don’t have to go out to have a date night. The beauty of board games is that it’s a once-off payment for unlimited gaming sessions. These clever cardboard inventions can give you hours of fun. Choose games that require strategy, intuition and encourage silliness.

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