Little girl watering flowers


Keep their little spirits up

We have provided you a few guidelines on how to keep your kids motivated without the reward system.

How to motivate your kids

As adults we understand the great feeling that comes with a job well done but the idea of personal satisfaction is a bit difficult to communicate to a child. We’ve provided some tips to help kids stay motivated without the choccie/toy -per -job reward system. 

Talk to them like an adult

If children understand why they need to do something, they will be more likely to do it. Try to avoid the, “cause mommy/daddy said so” philosophy. For example explain to them that the reason why they should wash the dishes, is to ensure that flies won’t sit on the dishes and spread germs.  Tell them that if they don’t clean their room, it will be difficult for them to find things.

Let them do the chores they love

Believe it or not, kids have chores that they actually enjoy doing. Your child might love pairing socks together, or drying dishes. When it comes to doing chores they don’t like, give them options. You could offer them the option of either cleaning the dishes, watering the garden or mopping the floor. Doing so will make them feel that they’ve made the choice making them less likely to rebel.

Show appreciation

As adults we need recognition for the work we do, how much more so for children. Pay attention to what they do. Acknowledge that they shared their toy with their sibling or ate all their vegetables. Show them that no good deed goes unnoticed.  

Get feedback

Find out how they feel after they’ve completed their tasks. Ask them questions like; “how do you feel after completing your homework? Does it feel nice now that your room is clean and you can find things now? Your kids are starting to understand what personal accomplishment means. They’ll feel proud and good about themselves which reinforces positive self-image.