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How to get your kids ready

Plan for the unplanned delays with these helpful tips.

Take your busy schedule then delay it by at least one hour when you have kids. Things rarely go according to plan when you are a parent. Children are not always easy going when it comes to getting ready for school. Turn that mountain into a molehill with these helpful tips. 

Get them to bed early

Early to bed, early to rise makes a kid, less likely to whine.  It might be difficult at first to set a routine for them especially if they stay up late quite often. Make it clear that going to bed at a certain time is non-negotiable in the week. Create a routine that will associate the activity with sleep such as reading them a bedtime story, dimming the lights and a glass of warm milk by their bedside table.

Teach them to dress themselves

Yes, this will require patience but once they can distinguish their left shoe from their right, you can focus on yourself or the younger sibling. Hopefully the eldest can pass their skills onto the other. Have their clothes laid out the night before so the job becomes easier. 

Prepare their lunches the night before

While the kids are asleep, it’s the perfect opportunity to prepare their lunches and pack their stationery and workbooks in their backpacks. Packing for the next day might be the last thing on your mind after a hectic day but it really keeps the chaotic morning rush to a minimum.  Prepare a quick Pasta with Tomato and Mince Sauce dish and store it in their lunchboxes or save it for dinner the next day. 

Have alarms for your kids

Let your kids pick out their own fluffy pink or slime green alarm clocks. Set the alarm for the whole family to wake up at the same time. We as adults have a love-hate relationship with our alarms but kids love waking up to the sound of its morning beat