Couple preparing dinner


Dinner never got sweeter

Delicious sweet recipes to appease your sweet tooth.

Sweet recipes to try out for Dinner

Sweet melt in your mouth dinners is a dream come true. We’ve got recipes that’s fun to make and so delicious. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied which means fewer midnight stops to the fridge. 

Home-Style Butterbeans

Whipped cream, butter and fresh corn is what it takes for this sweet dinner dish. Royco Beef Cubes will add that meatiness to the buttery dish.  Add Lamb chops or steaklets if you like for a complete meal.

Caramelized Spicy Green Beans

Picture bright colours of red pepper and green beans rolling around in brown sugar, peanut oil and soy sauce. You’re welcome to add beef or chicken strips.
Crumble Royco Beef Cubes into the sauce and the result is a salty-sweet display that turns greens into healthy candies. 

Pork With Apples, Bacon And Sauerkraut

This is a dish fit for a king. It probably was, considering the slow roast of juicy pork marinated in beer and wrapped with bacon. Surround this tender with rich ingredients of sauerkraut and apricot. Suppertime never got sweeter.