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Avoid the Morning Mayhem

Simple ways to ease the morning rush with quick and easy recipes.

Beauty routine on the go

The morning rush is a rush we don't like to find ourselves in but often do. It‘s a typical morning where your (hopefully) good night’s sleep is soon interrupted by that alarm that’s been on snooze for the past thirty minutes. Help is at hand to ease the morning panic along with quick recipes for when time is not on your side.

Plan ahead

Preparing for the next day has many rewards. It cuts your morning routine in half. If your outfit is laid out for the next day, your lunch is in the fridge and your kids’ clothes are ready, the morning becomes a much more pleasant experience. We have a lovely Four Cheese Enchilada Bake that you can make the night before and quickly re-heat the next day. 

First things first 

If you’re really in a rush in the morning ensure that you have the basics down. So long as you brushed your teeth, cleaned your face, slapped on some moisturiser and put on deodorant, you’ll be okay. Avoid the elaborate hairstyles and heavy makeup. You could wake up a little earlier if you can manage it but if not, you can wow people on a Friday and be a natural beauty for the rest of the week.  

Keep it simple

Cut your hair in a style that requires the least amount of work. See if you can wear the same thing every day. Trends fade but shades of grey, black and tan is forever.  Also keep it simple in the kitchen with this quick Barbecue Beef Sandwich recipe. Dinner is served. 

5 in 1

Multi-tasking is what moms know too well. For every one thing you do, do more. Cook food while you prepare for the next day and while you wait for the Beef Brisket to slowly cook for two hours, blow-dry your hair or take a long bath. Your labour of love tonight will mean that you don’t have to stress about dinner tomorrow.