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Dinner Party Recipes that Save you Time and Money

The whatsfordinner site is perfect if you are looking to save money and time for dinner parties

Are you struggling to make good meals for guests because you don’t have enough time? Or are you having the in laws over, and you want to impress, but you’re on a tight budget. Our whatsfordinner recipe website is the perfect place for you to find tasty recipes that are easy to make and full of flavour. 

Plus, you can choose the type of dish you want to make your search easier, like appetiser, lunch or salad. Here are four recipes to help you save time and money for a dinner party, and if you want to look for more recipes, simply click here.

Serve freshly-baked bread

Baking your own bread works out cheaper than buying a loaf from the store. If you want to impress your guests with freshly baked bread, try making a French bread. This loaf is also known as a baguette and is the perfect accompaniment for a soup. All you need is 10 minutes to prepare the dough and then you can continue with other tasks while the dough is rising and baking.

Hot soup for cooler days

Hot soups are always welcome when the weather is a little cooler, so why not try one of our tasty soup recipes to go with the freshly baked ? Soups are great for dinner parties because they are easy to prepare, and you can make it before the time and freeze until you need it. Try a classic French Onion Soup or a hearty Lentil and Tomato Soup.

More flavour in less ingredients

Choose Royco Chicken Mchuzi Mix for your recipes because they pack so much flavour that you don’t need to add more ingredients. It is a perfect mix of 16 natural ingredients for the perfect chicken stew. Try one of our popular recipes – a sweet and spicy chicken curry, a fantastic dish to serve your guests.