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4 Hot stews for Rainy Days

Keep warm with hot stews that can be made in bulk and used for future meals 

A piping hot stew on starch, whether it’s mash, rice, bread or is always great on a rainy day, and the wonderful thing about stew is that you can freeze it in hardy and sealed freezer bags. Take some time out and get ingredients together to keep a few handy portions in the freezer.

They are quick to defrost if you pop them into hot water and best of all, stews can freeze for 3 months. Make your favourite stew in bulk and freeze them in portions to suit your household, then use them for future meals when you’re too busy to whip up a storm.

Add some Royco Mchuzi Mix into your stews for the perfect flavour mixture because it’s made from 16 natural ingredients that add aroma and taste to dishes. This not-so-secret ingredient transforms an everyday stew into an appetising meal that your family cannot help asking for more.

Vegetarian – Simple Mixed Vegetable Stew

If you love your vegetables, then this is the stew for you. Even if you’re not vegetarian, it’s nice to tuck into a veggie-full stew to take a break from a meaty meal. Whether it’s garden peas and peppers or beans and corn, you can follow the recipe as per ingredient or add your family’s favourite vegetables. Accompany with rice or chapatti for a great combination.

Hearty Beef Stew with an Oomph

Look no further if you love a good beef stew. This recipe is the perfect hearty meal for those who enjoy an ‘Oomph’ in their beef stew. The Royco Mchuzi Mix adds depth to the stew and pairs beautifully with the mixture of yogurt, coconut and fresh chilies (just for that extra kick). The cool taste of coconut and yogurt goes very well with the chilies and richness of the beef. Then, of course, enjoy it with rice or freshly baked bread.