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A Healthy Diet: The Basics

The fundamentals of a healthy diet to ensure that you know what to feed your family, how often and why.

Behind every great kid is a great mom. And behind every great mom is the knowledge they need to make sure their kids grow into incredible adults. So to help you help your kids, we want to tell you all about the basics of a healthy diet. To make sure you know exactly what to feed your family, how often and why. Read on to find out. 

Three Meals and More

Most parents know that their kids need to eat three times a day, but do you know they should snack twice a day too? A really important part of their diet, snacks include all of the food your kids need to make sure they get enough vitamins and fibre in their daily meals. Fruit, washed and slice vegetables and oatmeal cookies are all great options.  

Finding Balance

To keep children’s immune systems as strong as possible, parents need to make sure they don’t eat a lot of sugary foods. And a balanced diet is the best way to do so. All children need protein, calcium, vitamins, and carbohydrates to feed help them grow big and strong. From brain to feet, a balanced diet benefits every bit of their bodies. 

Easy on the S’s

Every mom needs to be aware of salt and sugar’s impact on young children. Both are found in a wide range of foods, from chips to fruit juice and more. Do you know that a 250ml fruit juice can have up to 8 teaspoons of sugar in it? They can, making freshly made juice or natural fruit much better options. Watch how much sugar and salt your child is eating to help them enjoy a healthier life.   

Wants & Needs

All children enjoy bad food more than good food. Why? Well, it’s easy to get and really delicious. So it’s up to you to manage how much bad food they eat. Use fruit, vegetables and protein to feed your kids well so they stay away from bad foods and start seeking the good foods. This way they’ll learn to eat what they need, instead of only eating what they want to.