Food ingredients and plate with a peas question mark


What oh What to Eat

We have put a checklist together to help you figure what you want for dinner.

The hardest part of deciding what to eat for dinner is first working out what you feel like. Something spicy, a little lamb, maybe just a vegetarian dish? All are great options, though they may not be what you’re looking for. So to help you make up your mind, we’ve put together a check list for you to go through and figure out what you’ll be making for dinner. Enjoy!

Heavy or Light

A big part of what you feel like eating is often how you’ll feel when you’re dinner is done. So when you’re thinking about what to cook, look at your ingredients or options and think: how will this make me feel when I’m done? That way you can take away a couple of options and focus on what you think you feel like.

Eat What You Feel Like

Always eat the meal that makes you feel good. Not too heavy. Not too light. Not too bloated. Not still hungry. The meal you know will really give you exactly what you need – the right flavours and foods; a healthy mixture of carbohydrates, vegetables and protein. Serve yourself a balanced meal that will make you feel fantastic. 

Out or In

Some nights you don’t want to cook, and that is perfectly understandable. Not every night is meant for cooking. And the nights that aren’t meant for cooking are a wonderful opportunity to discover a new restaurant, get inspired, and eat something special. You can’t do it every night – no one can – but when the opportunity comes about, don’t hesitate.

Simple Mixed Vegetable Stew.