Table with various plates of food


Weekly Meals: The Balanced Feast

We have made your life a bit easier by creating a weakly meal planner for you.

Not everyone has the time to plan a balanced meal for the week, even when we really should. So to make your life a lot easier, we’ve decided to create one for you! That’s right, a meal for every day of the week planned just for you. From lunch and dinner options to dessert, we’ve got a great selection of recipes for you to enjoy. 

Monday’s Dinner

A fantastic way to start the week is with something simple, but quite special. Golden Whole Roast Chicken. The blend of sweet and sour flavour that makes this meal so delicious pour out of it as soon as you sink your knife and fork into it, unleashing an aroma that men and women have loved for thousands of years. And will continue to adore for many more. 

Tuesday’s Lunch

One for the brain, Marinated Fish Fillet with Coconut Crust is kind of a special meal to us. Something that not many people can say no to, it’s a dish that we’re proud to present as an opportunity to everyone interested. Why? Well, because we can’t find anyone that doesn’t like it. And we think you’ll agree. 

Wednesday’s Best

Midway through the week it’s only fair that you spoil your family with something really tasty. Not because they need they ‘deserve’ it, but rather because it’s great to show your family love in the shape of food. And this Succulent Chicken Parmesan is the perfect way to do so. As soon as they take one bite you’ll see a smile that will explain exactly what we’re talking about. 

Thursday’s Suprise

What could you cook on a Thursday that everyone will love and build up to the weekend? Something simple, but ultimately exceptional. A meal that you can’t call boring or strange. One you and your entire family will love from the moment they smell it, as they walk in the door. We’re think Sweet Githeri Surprise! Don’t be shy. Make a lot and enjoy it as lunch tomorrow. 

Friday: You Decide

For lunch or dinner, this one is up to you! A great meal at any time of the day – especially as a snack the next day – is our Sweet and Spicy Chicken Curry. Packed full of incredible flavour, it’s a dish you can turn to time and time again, which is why we say you can decide when to serve it. Trust us, nobody is going to question the time of day you decide to dish it up.