Hosting a Dinner Party

Let us help you take the stress out of hosting your very own dinner party.

There’s nothing like hosting a dinner party. It takes guts, skill, creativity and the need to do right by all who attend. They aren’t for everyone, however, as they can tend to be extremely stressful on the soul and require an iron-willed determination to successfully pull off. We’ve decided to make it easy for you by providing you with two dishes that are quick and simple to pull off, and some techniques that will give stress the boot before it takes control of your mindset. 

1) Starter – Green Peas With Crispy Bacon

This starter dish is easy to prepare, packed with a smokey flavour and strewn with colour. It will prepare your guests’ palates for the main course to come, and wont fill them up too much. 

2) Main – Red Beef Stew

Red Beef Stew is a definite winner in our books. This dish is packed with hearty flavour and is fabulous when served with ugali. A plus side of serving this dish as your main is, apart from the flavour, the fact that you don’t have to cook and plate up for separate portions. You can simply cook it in a big pot, and dish up easily for your guests when it has finished simmering.

3) Entertainment – The Choice is yours

The final course is the entertainment. Make sure that you round your amazing dinner party off with a fun and interactive experience that will have everyone laughing, smiling and talking about your evening long after you have bid your guests goodbye.