Cold Weather Can Bring Awesome Dishes Together

Try our recommended hearty recipe that will make you forget about the chilly weather.

When the weather isn’t playing ball, rather stay indoors and create memories that will stick with you forever. 

1) Coconut Njahi Curry                           

This spicy coconut creation is absolutely delicious and packed with flavour. Best served with rice, its warm and welcoming aromas will grab your guests or family members from the moment it hits their noses.

2) Lamb Kidney Pie

You can’t go wrong with this family favourite. Comprising of tasty rich gravy, lovely lamb kidneys and pastry that melts in your mouth and crumbles all over your plate as you bite into it, this perfect pie is both cheap and easy to prepare. 

3) Easy Stir-Fried Beef

This dish truly takes easy and convenient cooking to a whole new level, while still remaining as tasty and enjoyable as ever. With preparation time taking no longer than five quick minutes, and cooking time only eight, this meal is the perfect quick-fix for your friends and family to enjoy in the week.

4) The Golden Thread Linking them Together? 

What do all of these dishes have in common – a dash of Royco Mchuzi mix. As your true partner in the kitchen, Royco Mchuzi mix helps add ample colour to all your dishes, enriching them with the flavours of Africa. Made up of a medley of natural ingredients, beautiful blends of herbs, spices and flavour enhancers, this Kenyan favourite is a must have in your kitchen.