Take your kids to explore the great outdoors

Take your kids to explore the great outdoors

Take your kids for an ostrich ride

Ostriches truly are incredible to behold. They are the world's largest bird, standing over two meters tall and weighing a whopping 115 kilograms. In fact, ostriches are so big that they cannot fly – but you can ride them. Show your kids a unique day out by taking them to an ostrich farm for an unforgettable day spent racing around on the backs of our planets biggest bird.

Beat the heat and go ice skating

When the summer sun is beating down, there is nothing better to do than go and find an icy area to cool down in. The problem is, Kenya doesn’t have an abundance of these chilly areas; even the shade is hot here. So why not spend a day like this in Nairobi’s Solar Ice Rink – the only ice skating rink in East & Central Africa. It will cost you around 1000 Ksh per person, but the memories you will make bonding with your children are well worth the fee.

Go see the sights

Kenya is filled with history, wildlife, nature, ancient ruins, great mountains, large lakes, and a long list of awe-inspiring sights just waiting for you and your children to not only see, but to experience!

Round the day off with a pleasant summer supper

Why not give these spicy red tilapia fish cakes a try? The delightful and sunny flavour of this fish dish, accompanied by a light summer salad, will not only fill your family’s bellies but is also a super tasty treat, and the perfect end to an amazing day spent out and about.