Cook with your kids – they might learn something

Teach your kids your kitchen secrets, and give them a keen understanding of how important it is to not only know hot to cook, but to be a skilled cook with a whole bunch of enticing recipes and beneficial techniques in their arsenals.


Try to teach your youngsters the basics in the beginning by letting them watch and help out with the more simple processes like peeling vegetables, stirring sauces and pairing spices. Let them be in charge of laying the table, and give them some form of task ownership. This will help them later in life, and will give them the tools to take charge in situations as they develop and get older.

Junior school children

Put their math skills to the test by letting them make basic measurement conversions and allow them to take part in the chopping, braising and frying. Also try to fill them in on the basic building blocks of nutrition; an even balance of fats, carbohydrates and proteins are known to nurture a healthy body and a bright mind. Maybe let them cook a supper of their choice once or twice a week? You never know, you might be raising the next top chef!

High school kids

Allow your older children to experiment with some more advanced methods, techniques and dishes. Doing this will prepare them for when they move out, and might even awaken their inner passion for cooking. Allocate them a day of the week when they are solely responsible for all cooking activities, and possibly instruct them to dabble in trying out different dishes from around the world.