Tips on keeping a clean kitchen while you cook

A clean kitchen is a sign of an organised and happy mind, so having it constantly messy is bound to turn your happy and healthy outlook into a miserable one. Have a look below at our recommendations on keeping your kitchen spotless while you cook.

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is where love meets passion, and where the food that fuels the bellies of your friends and family is lovingly prepared day in and out. So it is only natural that we should treat these havens with respect by keeping them clean and tidy.

Keep cleaning as you go

This is an especially important tip to take note of if you have a small kitchen – there is nothing worse than the combination of dirty dishes, peeled vegetable skins and being stuck in a tight space. Keep a cloth close by, and contain the mess as you go so that it doesn’t escalate into an uncontrollable catastrophe.
A splatter screen will limit how much you clean

Splatter screens can truly be a stroke of magic to have as a part of your kitchens arsenal, because there is nothing worse than having to clean up the oil, butter and fat splatters that are left behind whenever you fry something. A splatter screen will act as your first line of defence against this grimy assault.

Keep a garbage bowl in arms reach

As you cook, keep your mess contained by tossing all of your scraps into a large bowl or directly into the bin. We also recommend you reuse your cutting knives and peelers as you go along, and pack all of your used cutlery and cutting boards into the sink or dishwasher before you tuck into the tasty meal you just cooked.