Summer recipes that don’t make a mess

Keeping your kitchen clean while cooking is far easier said than done.

There are many tips, tricks and methods one can use to keep their counters spotless and their chopping boards free of debris while they cook and prepare their meals, but the easiest way to do this is to simply cook meals that don’t require a whole bunch of ingredients.

Nyama choma

Ditch the stove and stoke up the flames for this traditional grilled meat dish that is both tasty and easy to prepare. Nyama choma, meaning ‘’roast meat’’ in Swahili, is a Kenyan classic that is generally eaten with ones hands and goes great with a fresh summer salad.

Pumpkin and ginger chutney

This pumpkin and ginger chutney will have your family fawning over your cooking skills, but in actuality it is a really simple dish to make. It is perfect when served as a supporting side dish – a marvellous mixture of delicious ingredients that will go great with chicken salad sandwiches and an array of other meats.

Sukuma wiki

Sukuma wiki is a real winner in a large number of Kenyan households. Meaning ‘’week pusher’’ in Swahili, this adored side truly lives up to its name sake, and has been known to provide those who eat it with an invigorating mid-week boost. Made up of African braised kale, diced tomatoes and onions, and a squeeze of lemon juice – it is as tasty as it is healthy , and is a welcome sight to see alongside other Kenyan favourites.

Sweet githeri surprise

A firm Kenyan favourite, sweet githeri has subtle flavours and a unique citrus kick that will have all your whole family asking for seconds. Accompany this dish with two teaspoons of Royco Mchuzi Mix, and you have yourself a timeless summer dish.