Keep your kitchen spick and span

Your kitchen is the area where culinary magic is meant to happen. It is the epicentre of any household, and should be treated as such. 

It is the place where the meals that feed your family are going to be prepared, so naturally it needs to be one of, if not the cleanest rooms in our homes. Have a look below for some tips, tricks and life hacks for keeping your kitchen spotless at all times. 

Start clean, finish spotless

Having a clean workspace is the best place to start when it comes to maintaining a heavenly kitchen environment. It all comes down to your mindset going into the cooking; if you cook in a dirty environment, you wont notice all of the dirt massing around you, but if you start cooking in a clean environment you will notice each and every speck of food and dirt forming around you. Eliminate the need to clean by starting the cooking process the right way!

Keep your hands hygienic

Washing Hands - Keep your kitchen spick and span

Routinely washing your hands is one of the best practices to get into the habit of doing. The amount of germs that our hands come into contact with on a daily basis is frightening, and these germs can be spread through handling uncooked meat – making people really sick. This being said, make sure that you wash your hands when dealing with different kinds of meats as cross-contamination can cause heaps of complicatons. Keep a small bottle of disinfectant soap next to your kitchen sink at all times.

Start with straight forward recipes

The fact of the matter is that the more ingredients we use when cooking, and the more steps the recipe being used has – the messier your surroundings are bound to become as you cut, chop, stir, mix and fry. Stick to more simple recipes that don’t require the use of every pot and pan in your pantry, and every ingredient from your fridge. This way you will minimise, not only the amount of mess and dishes to clean up afterwards, but also the amount of money you spend on ingredients – it truly is a win-win!