Tomatoes - Awesome Summer Time Side Dishes

Say goodbye to heavy, rich and spicy meals, and say hello to a collection of wonderful side dishes that are perfect for the sizzling summer weather. Light and delicious as ever, these side-dish delights are the perfect summer time treat to serve alongside your meals.

Feta-Stuffed Tomatoes

When its too hot to eat a heavy and rich meal, this satisfying side dish is the perfect light meal to tuck into. The combination of creamy feta cheese and ravishing red tomatoes is far too hard to pass up on – so whack these awesome round circles of delight in the oven and serve them up to your family or dinner guests.

Tempura Battered Onion Rings

There are few things more satisfying then biting into a crunchy onion. They just compliment so many dishes; from home-made burgers to delicious fried chicken, there is simply nothing more delicious than tucking into a side plate of these tempura battered treats. A tablespoon of Royco Mchuzi Mix will give your beautifully battered onion rings a desirable zing and burst of flavour.

Top tip: This batter recipe used for these onion rings can be utilised to make a whole bunch of other delicious dishes such as tempura vegetables, fish and an array of other tasty seafoods.

The Perfect Punch-Packing Mashed Potato 

There is an art to making the perfect mashed potato. You don’t want it to come out too thick or too thin, too bland or to starchy – it needs to be just right. Have a look below at our top tip and have your friends and family coming back for seconds of this delightful potato surprise.

Top tip: Add a teaspoon of Royco Mchuzi Mix to your finished product, and give it a stir. Watch your dish gain a lustful orange tinge, as well as a yummy flavour that will have everyone who tries it asking for more.