Little girl watering flowers


Sunny family time ideas

Take advantage of this sunny season by taking your family on an adventure. Kenya is a truly beautiful country, filled with so many fun and exciting things to do. Have a look below for some of our top outdoor activities for the whole family that will help build fond memories for your children to carry for the rest of their lives. 

Hit the open road

Road trips are one-of-a-kind experiences, perfect for any tight-knit family. They allow you and your troop to explore parts of the country you live in, that you have never visited before, with the people you love the most – your family. They are fun learning experiences, and can be used to teach your little ones about the history of the various regions you visit. 

Prepare a picnic in the park 

Picnics are the perfect sunny day activity to enjoy with the ones you love the most – your family. Yummy foods, good weather and a laid-back atmosphere is all that you need to make sure your day spent wallowing in the sun turns out both enjoyable and memorable. 
Top tip: Get your little ones involved by letting them pack the picnic basket –food and all. Allow them to create the tasty sandwiches that you will feast on for lunch, as well as an ice-cold bottle of home-made lemonade to quench your thirsts. 

Round your day of right 

With the smells of the ocean and the relaxing sounds of the waves still fresh in your mind, round your amazing day off the right way by serving up some Spicy Red Tilapia Fish Cakes. These fresh fish cakes are the perfect summer meal, with a kick!