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What’s in Mchuzi Mix?

Made of a powdered spice blend, Royco Mhcuzi mix is the best way to make your stews not only look good, but taste great.

Made from naturally sundried ingredients; the very same everyday herbs and spices found in your pantry, Mchuzi mix has been causing a stir in kitchens across Kenya, adding rich colour and heavenly flavours to your home-cooked meals. To help at-home chefs make sure that their food is always delicious. So that their family always look forward to an amazing dinner.

How it’s Made

Mchuzi mix is a combination of some of the most popular spices used around world and potentially in your pantry. Each mix includes classics like Garlic Powder, Paprika, Turmeric, Coriander, Cummin, Coriander, Salt, Fennel and more, as well as vegetable oil and cornflour. These are all added together to create the rich and delicious aroma that makes Mchuzi mix so famous in Kenya, and across Africa.

How it’s Changed

Recently, Mchuzi mix has taken big steps forwards to make it better for our customers to cook with on a daily basis. Our Beef option, as an example, has recently received a colour and flavour upgrade to make sure that our fans get exactly what they they’re looking for out of every stew they add Mchuzi mix to. 

We’ve made sure to put the goodness of Mchuzi mix first, by remaining dedicated to sun drying our carefully selected herbs and spices to give only the best flavour to every stew you make.

Does it have MSG in it?

Yes, Mchuzi mix does have MSG in it. MSG, which stands for monosodium glutamate, is a flavour enhancer that has been used extensively for nearly a century (100 years). Glutamate is found in almost every kind of food, and it is one of the most common amino acids in the natural world, available in fish, milk and even some vegetables. MSG is one of the most intensely studies food ingredients used around the world and, we are happy to say, it has been found to be safe for us to eat by many local and international organisations.

Is it Safe to Eat? 

Royco Mchuzi mix is most certainly safe to eat. It does not cause cancer, ulcers, heartburn or any other stomach reactions. When you eat Mchuzi mix and experience heartburn or indigestion, it’s because the spice can aggravate the issue or you may have eaten too much too fast, but it does not cause the problem.


All of Royco Mchuzi mix’s ingredients, from colourants to preservatives and flavouring, have been cleared by international and local regulatory authorities.