turkey being carved


New Year’s Dinner Ideas

With the end of year festivities around the corner it only makes sense to start thinking about what you’ll be making your family on the big day.

From the classics, like a roast chicken, to new and exciting recipes, there is a world of food waiting to be discovered. Take this time to be inspired and discover our three preferred dinner options for this year’s festive season celebrations. They’re all amazing chicken recipes that will go down fantastically no matter who is sitting at your dinner table. Enjoy them all.

Bourbon Chicken

Bourbon is a type of American whiskey that is barrel-aged and distilled primarily from corn with quite a sweet, smoky flavour. When you cook with it you actually burn the alcohol right out of the bourbon leaving behind nothing but the delicious flavour of the bourbon itself. And our Bourbon Chicken, inspired by the flavour of Louisiana, is a perfect example of that flavour. It’s a wonderful meal to spoil your family with over this festive period.

King Ranch Chicken

The king! An amazing, classic meal for you and your family, our King Ranch Chicken is a true traditional festive season meal. Very few dishes actually sum up to sensational scents and flavours of the festive season quite like a roast chicken, and this incredible meal is no different. From the moment your family walks into the house and smells it smouldering in the over their faces will light up, letting you know once and for all that you only have their best intentions at heart.

Let’s Go Pasta Perfect!

Best served in large helpings, our Pasta with Chicken, Tomatoes, Cream & Mustard is one of those meals that sits with whoever eats it long after their plate is empty. The flavour lingers on your tongue, teasing you to eat it again and again until you think you can’t eat any more. 

Ready in only 35 minutes, it’s an easy to make meal that you can rely on in a celebration of family values in a way that acknowledges your love for everyone invited to eat at your table. We hope you savour each mouthful as much as we normally do!