Creative Kitchen Hacks

A kitchen is pretty much the hub of any home. 

It is the place where food is prepared, where family members laugh together, make cups of tea for one another, share jokes and tell stories. It is where mothers and fathers create delicious dishes together to be enjoyed by the whole family. It is the heart of a home – and should be treated as such.

For this reason we have decided to provide you with some top tips and convenient hacks that you can implement this year to keep your kitchen organised, make cooking a breeze, and keep your kitchen spick and span – as well as help you make space to store more classic kitchen items than before.

Make Magnets Your Friend 

Fridge magnets can be used for more than merely holding up shopping lists and pictures of your loved ones. With a little creative thinking, they can be transformed into small glass containers to store your herbs and spices. Simply glue a fridge magnet to the bottom of small glass vials and empty your favourite spices into them. Add a small cork into the mouth of the container and write the name of the herb or spice on the side.

Over The Sink Cutting Board

Cutting food in the kitchen can get messy, often times creating more of a mess than we intended – be it on the counters or on our clothes. To stop this from happening, make sure you are wearing an apron, and think about installing an over-the-sink cutting board – one that can be conveniently placed and fitted over your sink when messy cutting needs to be done.

Simply find a piece of board that you like from a store and cut a 4 cm wide groove that extends for the entire length of the cutting board so that it can rest comfortably on the edges of your sink. Not only will this little kitchen hack save you time from moving back and forth from the mouth of the sink while you slice food, it will also keep your counter and clothes safe from unwanted juices.

Keep Your Sink Unclogged and Clean 

Do you find that your kitchen sink clogs up far too often? This is completely normal; often when preparing food and washing dishes, little pieces of food find their way into your sink’s drain, causing clogs that can be hard to eradicate. Another problem is how much sink and drain unclogging gels cost. 

The trick here is to stop the clog before it even gets a chance to happen. By pouring boiling hot water periodically down your sink, you can stop these oils and food products clinging to the walls of your drain, causing the clogs. Consider pouring a handful of baking soda down the drain before the boiling water. Baking soda is a great cleaning agent and is known for eliminating foul odors.