Back to School - Back to Reality

As you and your family settle into the New Year, it’s important to remember that it isn’t only you longing to achieve great things in 2017 – it is also your children. And what better place is there to start than at school?

Over the holidays, they have probably been using their spare time running around outside, working their imaginations overtime with absolutely anything but schoolwork. After a long year of learning they most certainly deserve this much needed break. But as January trudges on and 2017’s first school term draws ever closer, we need to reel our children in a bit, and prepare their minds for the exciting school year in front of them.

Look below for some top tips on how you can get your little ones properly prepared as they head back to school – back to reality.

Get them Back into a Routine 

As the new school term draws closer and closer, try to get your children back into their daily routines one step at a time. Start limiting the time they spend lounged out in front of the TV and get their minds back into learning mode. You can also start making them go to bed earlier, resetting their internal clocks so that they don’t act like complete zombies each and every morning for their first month back.

Restock their Pencil Cases

If you have a look through your child’s pencil case right now, you are guaranteed to find a whole bunch of broken and unusable pencils, inkless pens that they refuse to throw away, chipped rulers, at least 10 sharpeners, and an array of other useless tidbits that they have hoarded over the last year. Restock them with fresh supplies as they head into a brand new year.

Start Thinking about Lunchbox Ideas 

Your child’s lunchbox is a very important part of their school day. Be sure to fill it with yummy, filling and nutritious foods that they will enjoy and will fill them up to get them through the ever-important second half of their school day.

You might want to consider easy-to-prepare delights and classic combinations like Beef Stir Fry, a scrumptious and filling dish that contains plenty of energy. Or this tasty and refreshing Classic Macaroni Salad that offer your child the energy needed to get through the long day ahead.