Obinna’s Kitchen Rules

He is known for his humorous prowess, but comedian Oga Obinna alias Oga The Top is also surprisingly a great cook. He invited the PD Wikendi team to his home in Muthaiga for lunch, and we can attest to this.

The home is cosy, decked out in brown theme and furniture, his favourite colour. He leads us to his kitchen where everything is in its rightful place. He even has his set of rules for family, friends and girlfriends who might want to use his kitchen. Obinna is keen to detail, and he does his things in a specific way. The comedian gets down to business to make meatballs and rice. 

He starts by preparing and chopping the ingredients; onions, tomatoes, garlic, eggs, green capsicum (hoho), coriander, minced meat, Royco cubes, and corn flour. He washes and brings the rice to boil, then gets to the meatballs. He mixes all the ingredients into a big ball and then starts making small balls, all the while keeping an eye on the rice that soon finishes cooking.

Obinna then deep fries the meat balls until they become golden brown. Next, he prepares the stew gravy then adds the deep fried meat balls in it. The meat is left to simmer for a few minutes then served with the rice. We all sit down to sample the dish, and truly, we couldn’t complain. Quite a filling and tasteful plate, that doesn’t take long to prepare.