Man and two women at a party


How To Host Awesome Festive Parties

Getting the festive jitters as the holidays approach, don’t worry about that, we got the fix for you.

The year has flown by and the holiday season is just around the corner. This is the time of year when there is plenty of eating, drinking and festive fun to be had! Getting everyone together at this special time of year is fantastic for making memories. So perhaps you are planning on hosting a party of your own. Here are some tips on how to host the best festive party:


Before you do any other planning, send out the invitations. The festive season is a busy time and people’s diaries tend to get booked up quickly. Sending your invitations out about three weeks before will give you enough time to see who will be able to make it and plan accordingly.

Make a list

One of the best things you can do to ensure you are a flawless host is to make a list of all you need to do to prepare for the event. Don’t leave anything off your list, even if it’s something as small as remembering to charge your camera. Get that pen and paper out now, because coming up are even more tips to add to your party list!

The food and drinks

Before you begin cooking or catering, find out the dietary requirements of your guests. 

This helps you to cater separately for vegetarians or any guests that might have food allergies. You might want to look for a tasty vegeterian recipe anyway so that you can offer meat and vegetable dishes for variety. If you are serving a sit-down dinner, keep it as simple as possible in that you don’t steer too much towards unusual dishes that may not be palatable for everyone. 

Rather stick to some tried-and-trusted staples that everyone will enjoy. Start your cooking in the morning, even if you only have to prepare parts of it to be ready to cook just before serving. This saves you a lot of time and stress in the kitchen later on when your party is in full swing, giving you more time to play host. Don’t forget to set out some light snacks for your guests to nibble on while they are mingling. 

With regards to the drinks, have a good blend of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, all kept cool in an ice bucket. Have a few spirits, mixers, some white and red wine, water (both still and sparkling) and cold drinks on hand.

Music and decoration

Depending on your religious leaning, you can decorate your home festively. If you would like a more understated theme, then simply place beautiful flowers in vases in your entertainment area, as well as neat napkins folded into wine glasses on the table and other decorative complements that you feel suit the overall theme of your party. Matching cutlery and crockery go a long way in pulling the room together fashionably. Choose some light background music to play during the meal and earlier part of the evening, and a mixed CD of more upbeat tunes for dancing and fun later on.


If children are attending your party, have provision for them too. Set up a table / room in your home that they can play in, with a movie playing on a screen and various arts, crafts and toys to amuse themselves with. Child-friendly food that can be readily eaten by small hands will also come in handy. 

Find some easy pasta recipes – children love pasta! Now that you have these party hosting tips, it’s time to start planning your exciting event. Find dinner ideas and other easy recipes online to whip up for your awesome party, and get into the swing of the festive season with a fun-filled party!