Family having a meal together at the table


Quick Meals To Cook For Your Family

A good meal at family time is the best way to get the conversation going. So why not try and mix it up with some easy to do meals

It’s tough finding easy dinner recipes that are not only quick and hassle-free to prepare, but enjoyed by the whole family too. Everyone wants to feed their families tasty food that is nutritious too. Fortunately, finding quick, tasty and nutritious meals to cook for your family has never been easier! Next time you’re asking yourself (or you have a family member tugging on your skirt asking), ‘what’s for dinner?’ we have some delicious quick meal ideas to cook for your family. 

The key to a quick, easy and delicious meal to be enjoyed by everyone is in its wholesome ingredients and ease of preparation. We’ve made a list of some scrumptious meals that are not only wholesome and hearty, but are also quick and easy to make and prepare: 

Curried Nile Perch

All ages will delight in this traditional dish, a tasty blend of seafood, Royco Beef Cubes  and creamy coconut milk. The best part? The preparation and cooking time takes a total of 35 minutes. 

Kenyan Beef Stew

Chunks of tender beef mixed with a few spices and Royco beef cubes. With only five minutes preparation time and 30 minutes cooking time, this traditional Kenyan dish is as delicious as it is easy to make! 

Chicken with White Wine

This creamy and flavour some dish will be ready in just under an hour and is best served with rice or pasta. If you would like to make it a more child-friendly dish, simply skip the added wine. 

Pizza Spaghetti Casserole

It’s likely that most of your family wolfs down their bowls of spaghetti, so why not try this delectable dish that adds a new twist to the old favourite? Super easy to make and prepare, you can be eating this cheesy meal half an hour from when you first laid out the ingredients. 

Now that you have a few simple dishes to make, you don’t have to run around worrying about what to make for your family at the last minute. Let’s also not forget how to make Ugali , Kenya’s favourite meal accompaniment that works perfectly with sauces and meat dishes.