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Things You Should Always Have In Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, and along with this essential room there are essential items you should have in it. Whether it’s the kitchen in your very first home or you’re looking to stock up on what’s missing – but you’re not sure what’s missing in the first place - here’s a handy list of things you should always have in your kitchen:

Cooking and Baking Utensil Essentials:

  1. 1. Non-stick frying pan 
  2. A large cooking pot, a medium-sized pot, and a small one 
  3. Sieve 
  4. Shallow roasting pan 
  5. Muffin tray 
  6. Cake tin 
  7. Loaf pan 
  8. Spatula 
  9. Wooden spoon 
  10. Mixing bowls 
  11. Stand mixer or whisk 
  12. Blender 
  13. Grater
  14. Vegetable peeler 
  15. Measuring spoons 
  16. Measuring jugs 
  17. Can opener 
  18. A clock or timer 

General Kitchen Must-Haves  

  1. Dish towels 
  2. Paper towels 
  3. All-in-one kitchen cleaner 
  4. Airtight storage jars (for leftover pasta shells, biscuits and other odds and ends) 
  5. A good set of matching crockery for dinner parties and festive occasions
  6. Plastic sandwich bags 
  7. Some easy recipes printed out and categorized into various meals 
  8. A good, sturdy rubbish bin 
  9. Solid chopping board 
  10. Antibacterial hand wash soap by the sink    

The Layout

The layout of your kitchen is important too, as it only enhances your convenience. Place your spice rack next to the stove but not near enough for the spices to clump and be affected by steam. Chopping boards can go on a counter near the rubbish bin so you can easily dispose of any scraps. Place your cups and mugs near the kettle and your pots and pans in a cupboard near the stove for easy access. 

The whole point is to make your life easier when you are in the kitchen. This means stocking up on cooking and baking utensils, other odds and ends and all the groceries you will need to make delicious and easy recipes. You should always have some Royco cook-in sauces in your kitchen too, so that when you’re in a hurry all you have to do is grab a few basic ingredients, mix up the sauce and serve your family a delightfully delicious meal.