Lets Make Pancakes

Kids love pancakes and you can use Chef Wendy's easy recipe to have great fun in your kitchen!

Below you'll find a pancake recipe, as well as filling ideas, that will take you through break fast, lunch and dinner. Once you master this basic pancake recipe (and don't worry because its easy) you'll have loads of recipes in your arsenal that both children and grownups will love. 


Most experienced cooks have a tried-and-tested family secret for making perfect pancakes. But there’s no need to complicate matters. Chef Wendy has a pancake recipe that is so easy even a five-year-old will be able to mix up this batter in minutes! If you don’t have a cup measuring tool, use a medium coffee mug for measuring –  an average-sized mug holds about 250 ml. 


1 cup (250 ml) cake flour

1 cup (250 ml) milk

1 large egg

A pinch of salt

Put all of the ingredients into a big bowl and whisk together until smooth and free of lumps. The mixture should be about as thin as cream. If it seems too thick, whisk in a little water, a tablespoon at a time.

WHAT'S FOR DINNER TIP: For the best results, set your batter aside for five to ten minutes, so that the starch in the flour can absorb the liquid. 


 -Heat a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat and add a small piece of margarine.

 -Quickly tilt the pan, swirling the batter to create an even coating. Cook the pancake for a minute, or until you see bubbles appear on the surface
-Turn the pancake over using a spatula, or by tossing it over with a quick, sharp flipping action.

 -Challenge the kids to toss their own pancakes- with your supervision, of course!


Don’t be discouraged if your first pancake sticks, burns or seems too thick. It’s an unwritten ‘rule’ of pancakes that the first one is never a success. Discard the first pancake, and try again!

Whisk in a little water (see recipe above) if the batter seems to be too thick. If it’s too thin, sprinkle a tablespoon or two of flour over the surface of the batter, whisk very well, and set aside for ten minutes. As they cook, stack your pancakes on a warm plate, and cover them with a clean tea towel. Alternatively, you can place them, loosely covered with tin foil, in an oven set to 90ºC.


For breakfast pancakes, offer your family one or more of the fillings mentioned below. Place the various ingredients on small plates, and invite the family to dive in and roll their own pancakes!

·         A time-honoured tradition is: a dusting of cinnamon, plus a sprinkle of white sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice.

·         Sliced bananas, mangos, pawpaw or pineapple, plus thick Greek yoghurt, honey and nuts.

·         Hot scrambled eggs.

·         Crisp bacon bits, fried mushrooms, grilled cherry tomatoes and grated cheese. Small pieces of barbeque-flavoured chicken



For dinner, fill your pancakes with one of the delicious savoury mixtures as mentioned below. Serve them as is, or arrange them in a baking dish, pour over Knorr Three Cheese Pasta Sauce, sprinkle with grated Cheddar or crumbled feta and place in a hot oven until the topping is bubbling and golden. 

For pudding, let your imagination go wild! Here are some sweet ideas:

  • Fresh, poached or tinned fruit with whipped cream or thick Greek yoghurt.
  • A thick layer of chocolate spread, plus whipped cream and toasted nuts.
  • Old-fashioned Crepes Suzette, with a lovely buttery orange flavour.