Classic macaroni salad

Classic macaroni salad

Need a salad recipe? Try this classic macaroni salad recipe to accompany any meal. Serve chilled or at room temperature.

  • Recipe serves:4
  • Preparation time5 min
  • Cooking time20 min


  • 300g macaroni pasta
  • 1 x Royco Beef Cube
  • 250ml (1cup) mayonnaise
  • 5ml (1tsp) grain mustard, whole
  • 1 x celery stalk, chopped
  • 1 x green pepper, chopped (seeded)
  • ½ red onion, chopped
  • 5ml (1tsp) parsley, chopped
  • 2.5ml (1/2 tsp) ground black pepper
  • 150g mixed lettuce leaves


  • Cook the macaroni pasta in boiling water with a small dash of olive oil and the Royco Beef Cube for extra flavour. Drain and leave to cool down.
  • In a large bowl, mix together the mayonnaise and mustard.
  • Add celery, green pepper, red onion, chopped parsley and cooled macaroni. Combine well and season with pepper. Toss the macaroni with mixed lettuce leaves and sprinkle with freshly chopped herbs if desired.